The Secure Operating System for Automotive

Secure Operating System and Development Tools for the automotive software OEMs and developers

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OxidOS at Embedded World 2023

In Nuremberg on 14-16 March? Come by OxidOS’ Booth (3A-333) to get free goodies, watch our demos and be part of our mission of building a Rust-based ecosystem for safety critical automotive ECUs.

OxidOS' special demo with ST's stellar

Rust-born OxidOS on Stellar E MCUs - a demo on hardware and software solution for safety and security. This partnership is best reflected at Embedded World 2023 where OxidOS will have a special demo at ST's Booth (4A-148).

OxidOS concluded its first seed round

OxidOS concluded its first seed round investment of 1.2 million euros in August 2022. The round was led by EGV and joined by renowned business angels.

About OxidOS

Secure Operating System and Development Tools for the automotive software OEMs and 3rd tiers allowing for faster time to market, development cost reduction, and security issues reduction.

  • Secure Automotive Operating System for ECUs
  • Modern development OS, dev tools and programming language
  • Based on open source software

OxidOS can run both Rust-based code as well as isolated legacy C code, for faster integration with legacy code and faster initial deployment.

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Times safer cars

% Faster software delivery

Years of experience in building Rust solutions

Times less expensive software development


Our amazing team that brings together Rust and Web for safer automotive.

Alexandru Radovici

Chief Executive Officer

Bogdan Genis


Ioana Culic


Daniel Rosner

Business Development

Vlad Radulescu


Alexandru Vochescu

Rust Developer

Teona Severin

Rust Developer

Cosmin Radu

Rust Developer

Liviu Moraru

Development Tools

Felix Mada

Rust Developer

Flavia Oprea


Cristi Rusu

Senior R&D

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OxidOS compatible with existing solutions?

Yes. While OxidOS is written in Rust, it does run C and C++ applications.

Does OxidOS have to replace all the ECUs?

No. ECUs communicate through standard channels, such as CAN, LIN etc, OxidOS integrates perfectly with all other ECUs that run a classic software.

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